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Cleanliness is next to Manliness

There’s nothing more masculine than a dapper and well-groomed gentleman. Bond Wash’s magic in a bottle helps you polish the family jewels so that you can tackle life with the confidence of a king.

The Men’s Intimate Care Expert

Since 2004, Bond Wash has been developing specialty intimate hygiene products just for men. We’ve perfected our formula to have the best feeling and most attractively aromatic intimate washes that will leave you feeling fresher and more confident than ever.
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Gentle on Skin.
Tough on Bacteria.

Your privates require special care which generalized body soap is inadequate for. Bond Wash avoids using harsh chemicals in our products, with our PH neutral, soap free washes designed to be as effective at killing germs while providing improved comfort for even the most sensitive skin types.

Give Your Manhood
the Members-Only Treatment

Delightful Scents
Nothing can drain your confidence faster than a bad case of swamp crotch. Bond Wash’s irresistible aromas help you feel strong and sexy whenever you unzip.
A Pleasure to Use
Bond Wash’s warm and comfortable application method turns personal grooming from a chore to a treat. Our washes should leave you refreshed and satisfied every time.
Unique Blends
Our proprietary mixtures are made with only the male anatomy in mind for a unique and highly specialized cleansing product you can’t find anywhere else.

Cool Blue

Recommended especially for active and sporty men, Cool Blue is our all-in-one cleaner for all your man-tenance needs. Applicable to the groin, armpits or anywhere with excessive sweat, it makes for the perfect refresher after intense physical activity or exercise.
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Gentle Mild

Your privates are some of your most sensitive areas and they deserve delicate care. Gentle Mild is a soothing and sensual wash that’s specially formulated to provide the greatest gentleness and safety for a richer, more nourishing cleansing experience.
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Impress your romantic partner with our subtly seductive Select Intimate Wash. Infused with energy boosting ginseng and an irresistible aroma, Bond Wash Select effortlessly enhances your masculinity and sex appeal.
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Just one small bottle really goes a long way. It smells fantastic and feels great too. I haven’t experienced any more rashes since I switched to Bond over from regular soap. Highly recommend!
— Kevin C.


I’ve tried a lot of male hygiene products and was skeptical of Bond at first but after putting it to the test, it really does work! I’m an active guy and can get pretty sweaty but one squirt of Bond after a workout is enough to keep me smelling fresh!
— Robert M.


I first bought Bond as a gift for my boyfriend, and I absolutely loved its fresh smell. My partner has sensitive skin and he said that it does a great job in moisturizing his man parts! We’ll definitely be getting more Bond.
— Jenny K.

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